North Peru, dream
it or live it?

North Peru is packed full of stand-out destinations, in wildly divergent areas. There are coastal cities with remarkable pre-Columbian ruins, Andean towns in spectacular mountain locations, Amazon valleys covered with rainforests and a massive variety of flora and fauna.

North Peru has long been known to a hardy few travelers, who have been particularly attracted to the little-visited archaeological sites that give an insight into fascinating pre-Inca cultures, such as the Chachapoyas at Kuelap.

Once over the Continental Divide, the increased rainfall is abundantly obvious in the greenery of the cloud forest; and as one descends deeper into the Amazon basin, there is an increase of the temperature, the size of the waterways and the variety of birds and plants.

The under-developed infrastructure had traditionally been an impediment to visitors on a limited time-frame, but now with the paving of roads and the construction of good hotels and comfortable lodges, there really is no valid reason not to discover North Peru.

Hotels and Destinations