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Tarapoto Amazon Tours

Tarapoto & Amazon Tours

Jungles in the plural. From the Amazonian lowlands, with their winding rivers and endless green mantle, to the mountain forests packed with waterfalls, lagoons and rivers flowing through canyons. A destination for bidwatchers and fot butterfly, poison dart frog, orchid and palm entusiasts... Native Quechua communities that, in addition to their ancestral crafts, now also show us their organic coffee and cocoa fields that supply the most demanding gourmet markets. Always with a smile. Jungle joy is contagious. Tarapoto has a wide variety of forests, nature and people, and this is reflected in our range of tours, that offer a balanced blend of all its richness and diversity.

Tarapoto - One day tours
These programs allow you to know, within a few hours, essential and interesting aspects related to the nature and cultural manifestations of the Northern Peruvian Forest.

Tarapoto Tropic
Leave stress behind, and let the jungle envelop you in its warm embrace. TARAPOTO TROPIC PROGRAMS are an ideal package either for unwinding together with your partner or else as a fun-filled family break... All at an unbeatable price!!! Tucan Suites will be your comfortable base camp to know the most interesting places of the Tarapoto´s jungle.

Tarapoto Adventure
Live an exciting adventure in one of the most spectacular environments of Peru. ADVENTURE TARAPOTO programs combine accommodation at Tucan Suites and the Pumarinri Amazon Lodge, allowing both know the forest and the funny city of Tarapoto.

Tarapoto Amazonia
If you want to know the jungle, espectacular cornes and biodiversity... the Pumarinri Amazon Lodge is the perfect starting point for it and TARAPOTO AMAZONIA programs offer the best alternatives of adventure on the Amazonian jungle.

Tarapoto Coffee, Cacao and Chocolate
Meet the jungle, forests, rivers, waterfalls and people, and also their gourmet products: Tarapoto is famous for its high quality coffee and cocoa, and you can see how they are grown in the field and how they become a delicious chocolate in the town.

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